Adam George full time Professional Corporate Close-up Magician entertaining clients in hospitality suites, trade shows, weddings, corporate functions across the UK including London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Swansea, Rugby, Northampton, West Midlands, Poole, Bournemouth & Abroad. Also a member of the South Wales Magical Society, Equity & The FSB. header
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Restaurant Magic

A restaurant magician’s roll can be strolling the dinning room, entertaining tableside or mingling with those waiting to be seated or at the bar. Adam's humour, combined with baffling Close-Up Magic, will confound, confuse, amaze and amuse.

Why a Close-up Magician in your restaurant?
As we all know in business, creating a good impression is of paramount importance. Using a unique demonstration of sleight of hand and comedy, Adam George is able to create a lasting impression among your guests. The effect of this influence is to increase recommendations, which in turn will increase custom for your restaurant.

While guests are in your restaurant, Adam’s service ensures that they have a good time no matter what. Magic is a great diversion tool, particularly useful in busy times, in case there are any delays in the arrival of the food. It is also great to be able to keep waiting crowds inside your doors, rather than moving on to the competition. Adam George is able to ensure that when guests choose to dine in your restaurant, they receive a magical evening’s experience in addition to their meal.

What is Table-Hopping Magic? 
It is interactive Magic performed directly to the guests, involving them in the magic. This makes it even more intriguing and amazing as they inevitably attempt to spot the ‘tricks’ and find it all the more impressive that they can’t!

Adam is an entertainer: His goal is to make the audience laugh and the fact that he baffles them along the way is just a bonus. People remember magic and talk about it and it is this that makes it the ideal method of unobtrusive advertising while its primary function is pure entertainment!


Adam George |Professional Close-up Magician| Serving both Corporate & Private Sectors in professional entertainment
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